Monday, May 10, 2010

That Day...

Danni, my roommate and I had a big breakfast of undercooked Belgium waffles that morning, right before a singles ward Bar B Que which was the last thing I wanted to do on my 2nd Saturday living in Provo. What I really wanted to do was pack up all of my things and move back home, back to my parents house where there was no rent payment hanging over my head and I didn't feel so much pressure to go out on dates, back to my comfortable basement, where the history channel and food network kept me company, where my mom and sisters were right there with me no effort necessary to make new friends. The newness of Provo was overwhelming me and it had only been 2 weeks, the only thing keeping me there was school, and to me that didn't seem like a good enough reason. I felt like I had made a terrible decision, I planned to make it through that fall semester and at the end I would move back to my comfort zone.

After waffles I weighed out the pros and cons and decided to give the Bar B Que a chance. I picked an outfit and made a game plan: Danni and I would go, stay for few minuets avoid any awkward conversation and then get the heck out of there. As we approached the group of loud, young, chatting, LDS singles my attitude only got worse. We found a spot on a grass covered hill and I waited for our escape. Then out of nowhere there was a boy. I watched him walk up to the food table and alone fill his plate. He was wearing a tee shirt and jeans but what really made him special was his black rimmed glasses, he was CUTE. I thought to myself that surely he wouldn't sit by me or even pay me any attention. I figured I'd go home before he noticed me staring, before I had the chance to get up he walked over to me and my room mate and sat down. I thought I was going to pass out.

What was i supposed to say?

Do I play it cool?

Do I act interested?

I was totally clueless.

He was charming and sweet and I was interested. The next week he called me for a date, we went out. Suddenly Provo became beautiful and wonderful, and I loved being here, and never wanted to leave, He did that to me. Since that Saturday in september he's been the only one, Its been love since day one.

I'm so glad I went to that bar b que,
I'm so glad Adam moved to Utah
I'm so glad
so glad.


  1. found you.
    this post is cute, just like you.

  2. oh my gosh, my heart is melting. what a cute post, mandy!
    see you in a few!