Food Adventures

We really love to travel we also really love to eat. We currently have a long term goal of visiting each of the 50 states and partaking of the wonderfulness (and not so wonderfulness) of their designated state food. As we pass through the states the goal is to get a taste of what these folks like, what they eat. The culture of an area, can be defined through the food its natives eat and grow.

If it's not already apparent on my blog (and if you know me personally it's obvious) I really, really love food. Good food, unique food, pretty food etc. This is nothing new for my husband either; he also loves food.

The challenge: Taste our way across the country

We want to taste the foods each state claims to be "famous" for. We will experience a state's culture and people through the foods natives love and eat themselves. We will keep you updated here on our blog about the state foods we have tried and what we thought of them.

This map was created by the folks over at My Food Looks Funny and follows along most closely with the research I've done myself:

What we've tried:

Kansas: Wet Bar B Que
Missouri: Toated Ravioli
Illinois: Chicago Style Pizza
Indiana: Popcorn
Ohio: Cinncinatti Style Chili
Massachusetts: Clam Chowder
Virgina: Virgina Ham
Pennsylvania: Philly Cheesesteak
Idaho: Idaho Potatoes 
Florida: Oranges
California: Grapes
Nevada: Buffets

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