Sunday, November 27, 2011

Food Adventure: Kansas

 When I met Adam he told me that his favorite type of food was BBQ. At the time I found that strange. Probably because the only experience I had ever had with "Bar-B-Que" was Famous Dave's. After getting engaged Adam introduced me to a little place called Oklahoma Joe's, in Kansas. There, I found the light. I was shown the way, and I was converted.

Oklahoma Joe's Bar-B-Que is the best Bar-B-Que I have ever tasted in my life.

The owners could run a thriving business based on their french fries alone.
They are that good.We went on "burnt end" night which, by the look of the line is favorite among locals. In case you were wondering burnt ends are flavorful pieces of meat cut from smoked brisket. According to Wikipedia they are a traditional part of Kansas City Bar B Que. Burnt ends are considered a delicacy in Bar B Que cooking. Kansas state food is wet bar b que. Basically the difference between wet bar b que and the dry bar b que of North Carolina is how it's served. Kansas style bar b que is all about the sauce, it's messy and saucey and is served with many napkins. North Carolina bar b que is much more about the meat, little to no sauce is used. 
We got the burnt ends and the bar b que chicken sandwich. Thanks for the always amazing bar b que Oklahoma Joes!

On our "yumm scale" we rated Oklahoma Joe's Wet BBQ as a Holymolycanoliyumm!

For your reference the "Yumm Scale" :
1. Yuck
2. Yu...
3. Yumm
4. Super Yumm
5. Holymolycanoliyumm!

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