Sunday, January 1, 2012

Food Adventure: Indiana

Arriving in Indianapolis was a relief. Driving was getting really old and I was craving popcorn. Lucky for me I was in the state known for good popcorn. After a restful night we headed up to an area called Broad Ripple Village, an adorable little town full of great restaurants and shops. It's the perfect location for a gourmet popcorn shop. Just Pop In is a locally-owned shop with some seriously good popcorn. They have some of most imaginative flavors I've ever seen.

The popcorn itself is different than normal popcorn. One main difference that I noticed is that there are very few kernels in the actual corn pieces. That way there is less chance for a kernel to annoyingly get stuck in my teeth. But if one DID get stuck in my teeth I wouldn't need to search for floss or a toothpick because Just Pop In has you covered. They actually attach an individually wrapped toothpick to each of their packages. How thoughtful, right?! We picked up the "Indy Style" flavor combo of sharp cheddar cheese and caramel. Before you get all worked up and cast judgements let me just tell you how delicious it is. I'm not kidding. Do you remember getting those big tins of popcorn as a kid? Typically as a Christmas gift? Ok well it's like that. (Only waaay better) I loved it when the cardboard dividers came out and the cheese and caramel flavors mixed together. Still not doing it for you? Ok how about this one: Adam decided on a bag of Buffalo Wing and Ranch Flavor. All I can say is that popcorn tastes more like buffalo wings dipped in ranch than actual buffalo wings dipped in ranch. It's like magic. The final flavor we decided on was the caramel corn dipped in milk chocolate.
Super yum.

Thanks for the popcorn (that I'm currently munching on) Indiana!

On our "yumm scale" we rated Just Pop In gourmet popcorn as a Super Yumm.

For your reference the "Yumm Scale" :
1. Yuck
2. Yu...
3. Yumm
4. Super Yumm
5. Holymolycanoliyumm!

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  1. Popcorn is ze best, especially when it comes in rad flavors.