Monday, January 30, 2012

Eastern Market

I'm not sure that there is a more perfect place to be on a warm weekend morning than at the Eastern Market. It's an outdoor/indoor market that takes place here in DC. Vendors set up their booths and sell all types of things from produce to artwork, to vintage clothes to mini doughnuts. I saw more types of apple than I ever even knew existed.We sampled a local orchard's apple cider and I cried a little. It was so good. Maybe I'm sipping some right now as I type. Maybe I had a mug full at at midnight last night. Mmmm apple cider. 

I think maybe in another life I was a cheese artisan. I have a strange obsession with cheese. On our first date Adam took me to the grocery store to get soft serve ice cream from the deli counter. The specialty cheese section was right next to the deli. I still wonder what Adam thought of me when on our first date I confessed my love for cheese. "My favorite isle in the grocery store is the special cheese isle, it makes me really happy." Who has a favorite isle in the grocery store? Why is the cheese special? And why does it make her happy? I'm sure those were just the first of many questions he had about me and my love for cheese. Anyway that was a really long way of explaining to you my delight when I came upon a cheese only booth. All types of cheese. Everywhere. Again I cried a little. Can we talk about the Smoked Gouda?

 After my moment with cheese. We came across Migue's Magnificent Mini Doughnuts. Mini doughnuts freshly made in front of your face. It's like heaven. Deep fried. All I have to say is that I cried. A lot this time. I reeeeeeallly love doughnuts. So what I'm a fat kid. That little doughnut maker invention that Migue's has it's hands on rocks my world. The dough is dropped into hot oil by this funnel thing and then is cooked while being pushed along by these spatula things and the is taken up a conveyer belt where the excess grease can drip off and then is dumped into a bowl. Can I just say that my birthday is this week and this is me officially asking for this contraption as a gift. Please Adam! Please!

Next to the doughnuts was a crepe stand. Crepes are always a good idea. I had read several articles about the crepes at Eastern Market and was really looking forward to giving them a try. They definitely didn't disappoint. We got the classic strawberry, banana, nutella crepe. I'm still dreaming about it.

Have you ever tried Yoohoo? If you haven't don't. Its like chocolate water. And it's disgusting. Sick. This guy loves the stuff. We took the following array of photos after he discovered the $1.00 per can cooler next to the crepe stand. I guess we all have our vices.

Before we left we walked through the flea market that was next door. It made me wish I had a home to decorate. So many grand things to buy. Can we be done being students yet? Nope, never.

It was a glorious morning. I have a feeling we will be frequent visitors to the Eastern Market while we're here in the District of Columbia.


  1. That does sound like a glorious morning! I wish I could come!

  2. BEH food pornography and i am ADDICTED.

    thank you for this post. i'm sitting here eating pillsbury dough pizza crust. feeling positively shamed.

    love you peanut!

  3. those look like some seriously happy kids right there. love it! i can't believe your birfday is TOMORROW! i hope that it's positively cheesey.