Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend in Images

Top left to right:  Margarita pizza from Homemade Pizza Co.,  the most delicious cup of cake ever from Sprinkles, the White House up close and personal, Sprinkles cupcake display, the White House on a snowy morning, my most favorite picture ever: Adam the nanny. 

Top left to right: My newest best friend in the stroller, canal walk in Georgetown, cozy inside on a snowy night, semisweet chocolate chunk banana bread, our lovely apartment building aka the Barlow Center. 


  1. love!! your new ward (as in the infant in your charge) is freaking adorable.

  2. i heart trader joe's! especially for pasta salad fixin's (it's a staple 'round here.)
    and i reaaaaally heart that you're eating cupcakes.
    talk to me about sprinkles. i want to hear all about it.

    also::::set up your instagram the RIGHT way.