Sunday, January 8, 2012

DC: Home

So you know that part in James and The Giant Peach, when the crazy aunts show up in New York City after driving their car across the Atlantic ocean?  Their makeup is smeared everywhere and when they open their car doors fish and ocean water come spilling out. I remember watching that part as a kid and being honest to goodness disgusted. The thought of driving a car across an ocean never even crossed my mind as being impossible. I was more concerned about how nasty those aunts looked and how horrible they must have smelt. 

I hope you've seen that movie because I really need you to visualize Adam and myself as the aunts. That is most accurate way of describing what we must have looked like when we rolled up to our new apartment in Washington DC. Replace the stowaway fishes with empty water bottles and all of the water with our crap we've hauled across the country. But everything else is the exact same. The smell (ok maybe not so bad). The horrendous make up and hair. The overflowing car. All of it.  I was actually semi embarrassed (completely mortified) when I saw other interns showing up to to our building with their tidy suitcases, professionally dressed, smelling pretty. There we were with our car filled to the brim with suitcases and bags and grocery sacks heaping with who knows what. My greasy hair pulled up on top of my head dressed in sweats, sans makeup. Let me just say we were quite a sight. I guess it could have been worse though, right? I mean, come on we didn't smell like fish...just BO. So that's good.

After setting up our apartment, grocery shopping (what an adventure that was), and a restful night of sleep, oh and three showers later we were finally ready to take in this amazing city where we now reside. We took a long walk and then I took this picture:

That is my cute husband, with the Washington monument. So far we love this city and can't wait to explore more of it.

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  1. adam and amanda, the two smelly aunts. love.

    glad you guys made it! kinda miss you guys a ton already!