Thursday, February 2, 2012


Yesterday I turned 23 and I decided until I turn 25 the number really doesn't matter anymore. And even then, when I do turn 25 will the number feel any different? I say, probably not. Regardless of the number and whether or not it matters I had a really great February 1st birthday. I've realized birthdays are becoming less about me and more about the people I love. Good friends, a loving family, a great husband, all went in to making yesterday an overwhelmingly good day. It's so nice to feel loved. Thank you all for your kind words and birthday wishes. Whether it was on Facebook or over the phone or otherwise. Thank you.

 February 1st 2012:

In the morning Adam woke up up with a "Barlow Bed and Breakfast" menu and then proceeded to make me breakfast in bed. I loved the 6th option on the menu "More bed less breakfast".  After breakfast in bed I headed to work where I went on a long walk with my little buddy. We walked past the national cathedral so that I could ooh and ahh over it for the billionth time. After work I got a manicure and pedicure at the Four Season's Hotel thanks to my wonderful boss.

When Adam got home he took me to Founding Farmers  a restaurant down the street from our apartment. And holy crap. All those yelp reviews...they're not kidding, the food was fantastic. The restaurant was super busy, but the ambiance was so cozy and welcoming. It was the perfect place to spend a birthday.

We started off our meal with the "Popcorn of the Day" which happened to be spicy BBQ flavor. You can sort of see it in the bottom right picture. It was super good and so fresh it was still warm from being popped. We also tried the much buzzed about ginger ale. It's made in house with fresh ginger and finished with a cucumber. It was really good, and so refreshing. The restaurant was started by a whole bunch of local farmers. They're really into fresh farm to table type food preparation. And after tasting the food it's obvious that that makes a difference. The food is not processed and is fresh out of the ground, local meats, veggies and fruits. I loved it. I really can't wait to go back. I got the lemon rotisserie chicken and Adam got the shaved pork sandwich. If you're ever in DC you must, must visit this restaurant. It's so worth it. You'll thank me.

That's me with the most delicious apple concoction to grace the planet. It's called an apple pie but its more like an apple pouch. Diced apple and caramel and cinnamon and butter are all chillin inside this dough pouch thing sprinkled with sea salt. It's served with vanilla ice cream and caramel and ohmygosh, holymolycanoli it was fabulous. So simple, yet so delicious. They even got festive and gave me a candle to blow out! We loved it.

After dinner we headed back to our apartment so that I could FINALLY open the birthday box my family sent me. We skyped and it was so nice to be able to see family. I didn't realized how much I missed home until I saw it. My mom was so sweet and got me the most adorable yellow dress ever, along with many other awesome gifts. I got super spoiled! She's so good at making birthday's special.

Yay for birthdays 


  1. pictures, woot woot! love it! loving everything about that birthday day.

  2. Happy Birthday. I have those same polka dot tights ha ha