Friday, February 10, 2012

Running to the bus

I ride the bus.

It's a fact and it's not that fun. But it's cheaper than riding the metro and the scenery is better.

Sometimes I walk out my front door and I walk to the bus stop accross the street and I wait 15 seconds and a bus shows up. I get on and ride peacefully to work.

Sometimes I walk out my front door and I see the bus speeding by and I run for 15 minutes to try to catch it. Sometimes I catch it and sometimes I don't. Whether I catch it or not nothing changes the fact that I RUN for my life, weaving in and out of people, speeding down M street, waving my arms with the hope that the bus driver might see me and stop. Nothing changes the fact that people stare. Nothing changes the fact that I'm out of shape and every time a scenario like this happens I feel that exercise induced asthma is a real possibility for me in my current state. That happened 4 times this week. And 2 of those times it was pouring rain. It's a problem.

I have decided I'm going to judge how good of a week I have had by how many times I have to run to catch the bus.

This week was a so - so week. Hopefully the weekend will be better. I'm starting it off by eating 3 Costco taquitos and watching Sleeping Beauty till husb gets home from work.

Happy weekend!

1 comment:

  1. my hat is off to you for daring to run. me and my bad self are just fine standing in the rain waiting 15 minutes for the next one.