Thursday, August 26, 2010

Addie, Mandy, and Cali

Dear California,

I hate you.

But maybe it's just because I'm jealous of your perfection.

Adam and I had the lovely opportunity to take a little summer vacation a few weeks ago. And frankly, between never seeing each other, how crazy both of our schedules can be, and how crazy they're about to get it, was something that we both really needed.

First stop was in the fabulous Las Vegas.
Adam had never experienced sin city so I felt that it was a mandatory stop.
We stayed in an amazing suite at the Paris and enjoyed a fun night out together.

Next stop was in Temecula known for a beautiful wine country. Where we stayed with Adam's awesome Aunt and Uncle and their family (They grow grapes in their backyard and I ate them and they were delicious, that makes these relatives extra super awesome).

They took us to Old town where I saw this:

Shut up, I know right?

And Ate here:

Where Adam ate his 4th Chile Relleno in two days.

(Ok maybe only his 2nd but over the course of 5 days I'm pretty sure he ate one a day.)

After our fun day with the Anderson Clan we met up with my family in Corona, where we stayed with my mom's cousin Ryan and his wife Julie and their adorable dogs.

See here:


We had a crazy day at Venice Beach.
Where Jessie turned into a teddy, Ally ate a Snow Cone the size of Mars, and where we found our inner Gilligans Island.

Then we had a jumping contest:

Why wouldn't we?

On our last day of vacation we visited the most wonderful, happiest place on earth.


Oh he loved it!

I don't understand it but they all love Bugs life.

This is us at 9am
This is us at 3pm (I'm getting too old for it)

Last, we stopped here:

Penny's diner, where you're always referred to as sweetie and the french toast is always hot.
A favorite for truckers and fifties fanatics alike.

(who happen to be in the middle of a desert.)

Oh and their walls are a white board.
Go team.

It was a great trip but instead of motivating me to jump in to a new semester of school with energy and excitement, it only left me with a lingering desire to pack my bags head back to CA for a more permanent stay.


  1. cuteeeeeeeeeeee!
    i can't wait to have dinner and talk about our trips!
    ps, love the skirt in vegas! those are seriously the greatest.

  2. woo vacations! you're lookin' fine tonight, seth mozakowsky!

  3. The grapes are about done (just ate some!) and it's getting cooler (85+) and my guest room is available starting Saturday, so ANYTIME Darlings!