Monday, October 11, 2010

Flash Back

Go back withe me if you would to 1998 - I was 12. I was an awkward 6th grader attending Knowlton Elementary. Besides wearing puffy vests from Old Navy, prank calling my boyfriend Brady and lining my eyes in white eyeliner purchased from the local Kmart, I was obsessed with this:
My aspiration in life was to be Topanga Lawrence. I wanted to date Cory Matthews, attend John Adams high, learn valuable life lessons from Mr. Feeny, and hang out with the cool kids at Chubbies.
For the past several weeks I have been dying to watch this stupid show.
I kind of want to buy all the seasons on amazon.
i love you Topanga Lawrence


  1. i just realized... john adams high. HA. mr. feeney played john adams in 1776! that is awesomeness. i knew there was a fantastic reason that i absolutely adore that show.

  2. i love feeney!!!
    and eric was my favorite!!!

    mindy, just get netflix! it's like 8 bucks a month to get a dvd whenever you want in the MAIL.