Friday, November 19, 2010

A list

Don't tell anyone but I don't hate this weather. I actually like it when the sky is grey and it's cold out. It makes me feel like listening to Norah Jones, cuddling up in my sweats, and baking something yummy.

I love this dress so much. Sometimes I refuse to take it off, I feel like I need to sleep, shower and clean in it.

I just got one of these, I am so excited to make homemade Lasagna noodles I can hardly stand it.

(Thanks Grandpa Anderson)

Thanks to my friend Erica, I am currently eating one of these:

(lion house rolls)

In one month I will be here:

The heat in my apartment is currently not opperating, making my love for these two things intensify:

Dont judge but until yesterday I had never tasted this:

Dont judge but yesterday this became my favorite:

(seriously where have i been?)

I am attempting to make this, this weekend:

Her Beef Bourguignon:

You should try too:

I'll let you know how it goes.

Oook well that got a little long, sorry I just couldn't stop. Sue me. :)


  1. you're fun. good luck with that yummy food and the lack of heat. we should learn how to make pecan pies. my goal is to make one that's of southern caliber. that's pretty much all that josh ate while he was on his mission in north carolina. yum.

  2. that is a perfect winter post. cold, heat, beef, pie, dresses, islands and dreaming.

    save me the leftovers?

    xoxo, haydizzle

  3. WHAT!?! you have never had pecan pie?!?!? that is my favorite and might I add I make a mean pecan pie myself! haha
    seriously dude I have a fantastic recipe. but instead of giving it too you I would rather you just come up here and visit me and I will make it for you. ok? ok.

    oh also I love heated seats too, they are the best. and one more thing. i want a picture of you in this dress you love so much.

  4. I love the dress ahhh so cute. Bahamas is fun you'll have a blast :)