Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mount Vernon

This weekend we decided to visit Mount Vernon. And boy am I glad we did, it is probably one of my favorite things we've done since moving to DC. First of all, the weather was spectacular which made being outdoors in a beautiful place even better.  I love historic buildings and this is one of the best kept-up restored homes in America. Mount Vernon is where George and Martha Washington lived. There is a quote on one of the walls of the orientation building written by George Washington about Mount Vernon: "No estate in United America is more pleasantly situated than this." He loved Mount Vernon, and I can understand why. I think what I thought was most amazing about Mount Vernon was that nothing about the house has changed since Washington's death in 1799. Of course things have been restored as needed but no furniture has been moved around, the paint colors haven't changed, the art on the walls is still the same, etc. The mansion is on top of a hill right on the Potomac river. It is so beautiful.

Around the mansion there are several gardens, a larger one for flowers and hedge design and a smaller one for fruit trees, herbs and other lovely things. We loved the gardens. There was fresh lavender growing, and I may or may not have plucked off a blossom and sniffed it all afternoon.

We were bummed when we found out that there was no photography allowed inside the mansion but we did snap a quick photo of the slave quarters. (see below) Adam found Washington's carriage, I swear anything with wheels and he's interested. He tried to explained to me how cool he thought the suspension system was on the carriage but he lost me at "suspension system". Unfortunately my love for "things that move" aren't as extreme as his. 

The cherry on top of an awesome day at Mount Vernon was the baby animals. A momma pig had her babies an hour before we got there. They were bran-stinkin new babies. I swooned. They were the cutest little guys. There were also a bunch of baby goats running around, that also stole my heart. 


All in all Mount Vernon was a success! We loved it!  

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  1. Oh oh oh oh baby animals are my favorite! I love Mount Vernon! The view of the Potomac and the hills behind it is beautiful. You look freaking gorgeous.