Sunday, June 24, 2012

Saturday Afternoon

We went to the Utah Arts Festival this weekend and had a blast. There were so many things to do and see (and eat), hence the overload of pictures. 
 My sister and I and my mom had to look at all the hats and hair pieces, they made us wish that we were British and going to Ascot.

Adam and Todd even found booths that they liked. Jessi found an owl painting that she couldn't live without. And we tried some greek yogurt.  
 There was a sand sculpter that was busy sculpting away a beautiful flamenco dancer. He was so talented.
 We met up with good friends Liz and Josh and tried the festival lemonade.
 The food of course was fantastic. Mom tried a crepe, I got a bbq chicken pita with mango salsa. We were pretty stoked.
 I found the most perfect painting that I am so excited to display in the kitchen of our new apartment.
 It was such a fun day with so many amazing pieces of art work, and just cool things to see in general. I glad we were able to spend the day with good friends and family.


  1. What a cute family! Where did you get your adorable green dress?

  2. Jordan you're so sweet! I got it at Urban last summer.

  3. We had so much fun with you guys!!! And the print you got is terribly perfect.