Friday, September 6, 2013

Culinary School Week 31

First off German food is good. Second this week I was stationed in Garde Manger, or cold foods. I made 3 salads and an amouse bouche (like hous d'oevres). I made a really great German potato salad, a warm coleslaw salad and an awesome apple and celery root salad with a yummy dill vinaigrette. I think what was hardest for me this week was figuring out how to plate thing so that it doesn't just look like a pile of potatoes. I'm realizing I'm not really into super gimmicky garnishes and really fancy, fancy plates. Simplicity is my style. But not everyone is into that, so I'll put up something simple and my critique will be put another garnish on the plate, etc...then I'm frustrated because I'm having to do something based on someone else taste, that I never would have done originally. Anyway I felt like this was a great station to ease my way into the restaurant. I was able to get my dishes up and out on time and never really felt pressure. Wednesday's we do as much prep as we can and then Thursday and Friday it's go time, the restaurant is open. My cute family made reservations to come and eat every. single. week. I'm so lucky to have such awesome support.
My first tickets

German Pretzels

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