Sunday, June 6, 2010

Worker Girl

I am officially a corporate working girl


Yep you heard it right I finally have a job.



I am professional

I have to wear panty hose.

And if thats not professional I'm not sure what is.

I work as a receptionist, answering phones, picking up lunch for clients, working on receptionist type projects.

Its the best.

Want to know what else is the best?

My husband.

He made me this for breakfast on my first day

Rice Crispies and Strawberries

And this was waiting for me when I came home

Pretty hot pink roses

and some yummy treats

Yay for a job, but mostly yay for my Adam.


  1. awww my little amanda is growing up! haha. you look so profesh.
    also what a nice husband you have! seriously.

  2. rocccccccckin!! look at you being all pro! i need to see you!