Sunday, January 23, 2011

Like it was yesterday...

A little over a year ago Adam was so excited to give me a Christmas present, I, too was excited because I was pretty positive that my gift was going to be small, and sparkly, and was going to come in a little box. Much to my surprise my that December morning when Adam finally unveiled what my Christmas gift was I was much less than enthusiastic. In fact it was nearly impossible for me to fake excitement - a ride in a hot air balloon? Really? REALLY?

All I wanted was an engagement ring.

Obviously I didn't know how our ride through the Park City sky was going to end.

The ride lasted about 40 minutes, as we were coming down to land Adam asked our pilot to record us in the balloon together. After some confusion Adam tells me to "look over there" and on the ground about 500ft below us was a sign saying "will you marry me?"

I melted.

I watch this video almost weekly, it's so amazing and I'm so glad that Adam was able to have the pilot get this footage of us in the balloon, (even with my objections, "this is so dumb and awkward, why don't we just take some still photos?" I believe were my exact words).

Watching this brings back so many of those feelings that I felt in that moment and reminds me why I'm sitting next to this big guy right now on our couch, in our home watching a
football game.

I love him.


  1. lots of words come to mind. adorable. sweet. hilarious. freakin'. LOVE! you guys are adorable! happy one year of engagement! yes? yes yes yes.

  2. my favorite line?

    "I want it ON!"

    Hahahaha, so cute. I love this! Yay for you and Adam, congrats on more than a one year anniversary of your engagement!
    love you!

  3. This is seriously the cutest thing ever!!!
    I hope my proposal is that nice. :)