Thursday, July 7, 2011

A few things you should know

A Fact:

I am loving my coral nail polish
(urban seriously has the best nail polish colors EVER.)

The Truth:

Adam's macbook needs a new hard drive...goodbye Nordstrom sale.

A Link:

Can we go to all 12?

A Story

After I fell asleep last night Adam joined me in bed after finishing up some homework. When he climbed under the covers we had the following conversation (which by the way I have no recollection of):

Adam: Hi Honey, I'm here

Amanda: Oh hi pie

Adam: What ya doin?

Amanda: (The correct answer here would be sleeping) Watchin a movie

Adam: (A little surprised) Oh really? What movie?

Amanda: Sad Break.

Have you seen Sad Break? Yeah neither have I, that's because it doesn't exist...other than in my unconscious yeah.

On that note hope you're having a great Thursday!


  1. bah hahahaha. were you also claiming to be wearing a white shirt with holes in it? sleep talk is, arguably, the best talk.

    i love you, chica face!