Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Monday Night

On Monday night it rained,

But I didn't mind because I paid $5 for this:

The Texas Twist: worth both the rain and the ridiculously high price

And then this happened:

In all of it's greasy goodness

Behold the funnel cake:

Powdered Sugar + Rain + Grease = Spanish Fork Fair

After all of the culinary delights we went here:

the carnival

and rode this:

then we made out, as if we were 13, and "Going Out" it was presh.

we ended with this:
a 70 minute late fireworks extravaganza.

On Monday night it rained,

and I had a fantastic night with my honey.

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  1. i love so much about this. 'specially that whole ferris wheel bit. as if you were 13 and going out. hahahahahah. love you guys!