Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hey remember that one time we drove for 35 hours...twice

I was just looking through photos on my phone and felt a tinge of stress when I saw the following photos. I was immediately swept back to a flat stretch of land somewhere in Nebraska. Hundreds of miles away from anything familiar. It was fun the first time. The second time not so much. We drove to and from Washington DC and Utah. We listened to our iPods, and then a couple of mix CDs, we then hit up the FM radio (when we could get it) but I think what I enjoyed most was when we resorted to AM radio. That My heart sunk when we had driven 400 miles and then the GPS told us we still had more than 500 to go. Woof. Obviously our faces show what I cannot describe here in words. But after all of the hours in the car, all of the miles behind us we were rewarded at home with hugs from family, chicken noodle soup on the stove and a beautiful welcome home sign.

A week at home and we're still in the process of recovering. 
It's a process. 
We'll get there.

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