Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Favorite People

Last week momma came to visit me and Adam. It was so nice having her here and I miss her already. We did so much while she was in town and had a blast. We visited Adam at work. I embarrassed him and made him smile for a couple photos! (Sorry honey) He was so official in his office, it was fun to watch him in action. Can I just brag for a minute? He is so talented and so wonderful and I am so proud of him. That's all. Quick and painless. I love him.

Adam has had the chance to give lots of Capitol Tours to Utahns that come into Senator Lee's office.  My mom and I took advantage of his responsibilities and asked for a tour. It was awesome. I think my favorite part was riding on the underground trolly to the Capitol. 
 These photos were taken while we were on the tour. The statue in the top left photo is the Statue of Freedom, the the same statue that is on to of the Capitol, it's 19 feet tall! It was huge. The middle photo is of me standing in the very center point in Washington DC in the Crypt of the Capitol. And the last photo is of the Capitol dome. Adam told us that the Statue of Liberty could fit inside this room - it's 180 feet from the ceiling to the floor. 

 This is Adam tour-guiding it up. He was so cute. Obviously, just look at my face. 

The next day we hit Eastern Market, hard. While waiting in line for crepes I bought a bag of fresh doughnuts, my mom bought a pretzel, Adam contemplated buying a pickle and my mom found some fresh apple chips. All while we were waiting to get more food. We ate a lot. I feel good about it. 

 I loved all of the fresh produce that is sold at the market, I was especially loving the seasonal bright green asparagus and yummy strawberries. They were so sweet you could smell them a booth away. 

After the market, we tried the much raved-about "We the Pizza" restaurant (as if we hadn't eaten enough already). I got one slice and shared with mom and Adam. We tried the Buffalo Mozzarella Roasted Tomato pizza. I totally get all of the raving reviews, it was fabulous.

 Once we were realllly stuffed full my mom and I took a walk around the Capitol and snapped some cute photos. She's so beautiful, I'm so glad to call her mine.

We visited the botanical garden to see the Orchid festival. It was so amazing. I have never seen so many different types of orchid. They were lovely.   

We did so much eating and walking and site seeing. I loved every moment of it. Adam and my mom are truly two of my favorite people in the whole world they bring out every good quality in me. That's how you know a person is really good, when they make you better by just spending time together. Thanks for coming to visit mom, it was so fun sharing everything we have learned and experienced here in Washington. 

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  1. so fun!!! i love the orchids and you in the middle of the capitol. and we the pizza? i love patriotic pizza.