Thursday, May 17, 2012


Right now my life is kind of in limbo. In transition. Trying to feel my way into a new routine. I wish there was some kind of life GPS that I could just switch on and it would tell me where to go. I would be able to see a blue line on the screen and I would just follow it. And everything would be fine. And it would make sense. And I wouldn't wonder where I was going because I would just be able to see it on my life GPS. We all go through this at some point I guess, but it doesn't change the fact that my life minus structure is not a good idea. It stresses me out. And when I'm stressed out I make cookies.

 Can I share my cookies with you?


  1. let's eat cookies and come up with our life gps together soon please.

  2. you can always share your cookies with me, peanut. come to corvallis? life gps of mine is telling me that you should take a little road tripp-a-roo with liz. to corvallis.


  3. And then the three of you should swing on down to San Francisco. With cookies. But seriously, this post is such a tease. I'm been craving Ainscough chocolate chip cookies. Can you send a recipe or a picture or something plllllease? :)