Monday, February 4, 2013

California Birthday Trip

Our trip to California last weekend was heavenly. Getting out of frozen Utah was just what we needed. And I seriously could have imagined a more enjoyable or relaxing birthday. Adam and I took a couple of days off work and flew out to the Los Angeles area to find the sunshine and eat some (freaking) good food. These photos from the trip are a combo of our iPhone pictures and my cannon so excuse the poor quality of some of them.
We stayed in a totally retro motor lodge in trendy West Hollywood, it was adorable. My favorite part was the soda fountain-esq coffee shop/diner on the bottom level.
On my actual day of birth we started off by having brunch at the amazing Chateau Marmont on Sunset boulevard.

We might have gorged ourselves on pastries and berries. And I might have eaten an entire jar of fresh California orange marmalade. It was soooo good.
After brunch we wandered down to the beach in Santa Monica and breathed in the salty ocean air.

We walked the pier and even rode the Ferris wheel.  

After the pier we had the best, most amazing, yummiest cookie ice cream sandwiches of my life. Soft cookies and ice cream? It was a beautiful thing.

Later that night we got all dressed up (Sephora even helped with my make up) and went to dinner.

The restaurant I selected for my birthday dinner is very much like the Moulin Rouge in real life. Multiple chandeliers, a glowing fire, long red drapes, candles was very romantic, to say the least. And even more importantly the food was wonderful!
 This was of course the best part of the meal - warm chocolate cake with raspberries and vanilla ice cream.
The next day we started at the farmers market and had a fabulous breakfast. 
 Later we spent the afternoon in Malibu at the amazing Getty Villa. Taking in the art and the architecture.
 My favorite part of the museum was the massive herb garden filled with all types of herbs and fruit trees.
 The villa is fashioned after an estate that was found in an old Roman city, there is so much attention to detail throughout the the property. It's really amazing to see.
 After we left the villa we drove up pacific coast highway to Zuma beach in Malibu. The drive was so relaxing and beautiful. And although the weather was a bit cool and overcast the beach was also stunningly beautiful.
The rest of our trip was spent wandering around Hollywood and eating chili cheese fries and french toast at the coffee shop. We had a wonderful trip and were sad when we had to come home. But we were so glad to have had the chance to go.

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  1. So fun!! Those clear skies look incredible right now. And what cute outfits. You are cute. Next trip...Vegas!!