Friday, February 15, 2013

Culinary School Week 20

Classes this week were packed full of fun and interesting stuff. Of course the week started with the killing and cooking of a lobster. I won't lie it was a task I was not looking forward to, and I won't say that it was easy because it wasn't, but I will say that I now know how to prepare lobster, two different ways and that's pretty cool. And I didn't pass out...that's pretty cool too. I'm proud of myself. In other news I learned to roll sushi and nigri. We had salmon and tuna and made various rolls filled with pretty cuts of vegetables and spicy wasabi. I wish I could say that I'm a huge sushi fan but I'm just not, don't get me wrong it's good and every once in a while I crave it, so I split a roll with a girlfriend and order a side of dan dan noodles because a whole roll of sushi is just not my thing.  Unless it's deep fried, and then it's totally my thing. But that's different. Talk to me about the tempura California roll. Yep. I like it. Anyway the weeks are speeding by again and before I know it I'll be competing in the K competition. That's right next month I have to get to participate in a chefs competition, more news to come on that. Just know that a significant amount of sleep is lost each and every night because I'm mostly scared for my life. That is, I'm afraid I'll have a heart attack upon arrival of competition day. Nerves I tell you. Anyway my last bit of news is that I have found an internship to cap my educational journey with. I'll be interning at an adorable french bakery in Salt Lake this summer. See you at 4 am 3 days a week i-15. I am truly looking forward to it. Early mornings are made easier when french pastry is involved. That's my motto.

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  1. INTERNSHIP IN SALT LAKE??? FRENCH BAKERY?! Ummm hello that's huge! Does that mean you guys can please move to Salt Lake? Which bakery is it? Details, details!