Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Life has been a bit busy lately. Summer is upon us in full force, a fact that we were madevery aware of about 2 weeks ago on a “record heat” day in May when temperaturessoared into the high 90’s. The routine went something like wake up sweaty, goto work sweaty, drive home sweaty, remove all sweaty clothing and lay miserablyin the 85 degree house. This lasted for a few days until our swamp cooler wasfixed. My quality of life has gone up, significantly.

My little vegetable garden is growing, growing, growing. Afew Saturdays ago we planted the sweetest garden. I was so surprised when I sawthe seeds starting to sprout over the weekend. I continue to hold fast to mycommitment to NOT KILL ANYTHING. I will have vegetables thisfall, dangit.

I got a sort ofpromotion. I am filling in for one of the executive assistants at work whileshe’s out on maternity leave. It’s pretty cool. I get a pin board at my desk toput pictures on. 

Adam and I have started a let’s-eat-healthy-because-we-can’t-afford-to-buy-bigger-clothesstreak. Ha. I have been killing it in the kitchen coming up with healthier breakfast/lunch/dinneroptions and truly we are feeling much better. We’re only a couple weeks in andare hanging in. #nomorecookies 

We don't have much on the schedule for the summer a few little trips here and there but mostly we'll just be at home, hanging out at the pool, cruising around on the motorbike and tending to our garden and enjoying time with each other before fall gets here and schedules are less accommodating to our relationship.

Proof that healthy eating is really not that bad, coconut and lime chicken with jasmine brown rice
Proof that the garden grows: SEE, I even made plant signs

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