Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Food Adventures

As we have been preparing to travel across the country, we decided we want to experience the states we pass through and get a taste of what they are really like. We didn't want our only stops to be at gas stations, Subways and the occasional giant rubber band ball. We wanted this trip to be meaningful and unique for us. In my opinion, the culture of an area, can be defined through the food its natives eat.

If it's not already apparent on my blog (and if you know me personally it's obvious) I really, really love food. Good food, unique food, pretty food etc. This is nothing new for my husband either; he also loves food. He hasn't always enjoyed "good" food . . .to him it's more about the quantity rather than the quality but that is slowly changing. He's developing a palate of his own. And I couldn't be more proud. Anyway back to our plan:

I have researched each of the 50 United States and have found that each has its own "State Food." Combining my want to make our road trip special and unique with my love for food, Adam and I have decided to create a challenge for ourselves.

The challenge: Taste our way across the country

We will have an opportunity to taste the foods each state claims to be "famous" for. We will experience a state's culture and people through the foods natives love and eat themselves. We will keep you updated here on our blog about the state foods we have tried and what we thought of them.

This map was created by the folks over at My Food Looks Funny and follows along most closely with the research I've done myself:

The states we will pass through on this leg of our race are:

Kansas: Wet Bar B Que
Missouri: Toasted Ravioli
Illinois: Chicago Style Pizza
Indianapolis: Popcorn
Columbus: Cincinnati Chili
Pennsylvania: Philly Cheese steaks
New York: New York Style Pizza

Obviously we won't hit every state but we're looking at this as a "long term goal". This will be a great start. We'll check in tomorrow after we fill our belly's full of toasted ravioli, pizza and popcorn!


  1. I'm kinda pissed about Utah being the green jell-o state. I don't like green jell-o. Can't we claim funeral potatoes as our state's fave? Who can I petition to do this?

  2. Well Adam will be working for Mr. Lee...I'll see what I can do! hahah

  3. You are going to make me soooo jealous with all this eating of delicious food and traveling across the country!