Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Three years ago

On the 19th of September for the last 3 years in a row Adam and I have eaten at the Goodwood. We request a specific booth and after dinner we go to Macey's grocery store and get soft serve ice cream cones. We play a round of pool and we do some serious flirting. If we were being really thorough though we would watch the best of Will Ferrell SNL and talk about politics over dinner, but usually we leave those two details out of the reenactment of our first date.

Every year when this day comes around it's fun to think back and remember the emotions (anxiety) we were feeling before our last first date. I love any reason to celebrate the relationship that I have with my guy and why not celebrate the milestones. This is a big one - today three years ago is the day the search ended. I found him and that is worth celebrating. Happy three year 1st date-iversary to us!
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  1. Politics on a first date? Who does that? :)

    I love these posts!!

  2. I love that your first date is on Josh and I's aniversery..14 years as of 9-19-12 :)

  3. Christa- that's so crazy! I love that too, happy anniversary to you guys!!