Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Motorcycle Ride

After a long week stuck in an office/kitchen the only thing I want to do on an 80-degree Saturday is go on a motorcycle ride with my guy.  Especially when the mountains in our backyard are as breathtaking as they were today. Simply stunning.

We rode the Alpine Loop. It starts up Sundance Canyon and ends in American Fork. The road is paved the whole way and is twisty and windy and shows off some of the best views of fall colors I've seen yet. 

If you're a Utah local jump in your car, grab some snacks and head up into the mountains because those colors are not to be missed! We had a beautiful afternoon spending time in this pretty place.


  1. try Squaw Peak next. Just for me :) love you!

  2. I hate Provo but I have to concede that it's one of the better canyons to cruise. Pretty pictures!! Pretty lady!!