Friday, December 7, 2012

Culinary School: Week 14

This week class time was spent working catering events and preparing for practical exams. The photo below is a great expression of what my life looks like right now.  Papers and messes and sticky notes and to go boxes. On top of all of that poor Adam has been sicker than a dog all week with a nasty cold, lots of congestion going on - which means there's some major snoring happening at night, which means I have been sleeping (I'll use that term loosely) on the couch. Not the most comfortable place to rest my tired body after a long day at work and school. We catered a handful of events this week but my favorite was on Wednesday when we had all the tables set the water glasses full, 50 portions of salmon hot and ready, 3 beef tenderloins at the carving stations, all the sides prepared all we needed was hungry people to show up. Unfortunately that never happened. There was a scheduling error and they thought the party was the next day so we cleared all of the food out had to start over on Thursday. It was...frustrating. Next week I have two practical exams, one written final, and 3 catering events (including my own company Christmas party) it will be a busy week. I'm working on mustering up the little bit of motivation and positivity I have left to get me though. At last the semester is winding down, I am definitely ready for Christmas break.

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  1. Those peasants, how dare they not show up! I hope you at least got to take some food home...