Monday, December 3, 2012

That guy I'm married to

My husband is a goof ball. It's not a secret And most times sometimes it drives me crazy. The constant tickling. The voices. The inability to take serious things serious. And the laugh, oh that laugh. The one that is often mistaken for sobs. He is through and through boy, poop jokes and all.  And unfortunately it is far too rare that I actually stop to appreciate that guy, silly laugh, funny phrases, even the poop jokes. In those moments when something strikes him as funny you can usually find me sitting by his side burying my shaking head in my hands, or giving him an elbow to the ribs, my way of telling him to knock it off, or if it's bad enough a motherly "Aaaadam!", escapes my lips, followed by a "come on!" or "pull yourself together". 
I can happily say that after almost 3 years of marriage I am starting to change. I laugh more - and I don't take things so seriously. Living with someone who makes me laugh was not something I considered to be important before I got married. My "list" of qualities to find in a husband oddly enough didn't include one of the things I love most about the man I ended up with. Laughing everyday with the person I love is fun. It is a significant part of our relationship. Making jokes out of bills and car repairs and piles of laundry makes those tedious, miserable things somewhat more enjoyable. The funny bone that Adam posses is one that I was born without, but slowly I'm learning. When something terrible happens, or life just feels hard my initial reaction is to become frustrated and sad. Adam's is to laugh. Or to make a joke. Or even find one on you tube.
 He is a good example of what I'd like to be like. I'm getting there. But for now I'm learning to appreciate that part of my husband that I typically don't.

Photo's brought to you by the night "No Shave November" ended. The curly Frenchman was my favorite. But of course the night was ended with the classic Hitler stach.


  1. Are you kidding me? You DO have several quality funny bones in your body. And they are great ones! How dare you.

    I'm so glad you found Adam and I'm also so glad that him and Josh are bros. Seriously it guarantees that you and I will get to stay friends for life.

  2. Oh man so true Liz here's to being thankful best friends husbands become best friends making it possible for best friends to stay best friends!! Haha

  3. This is a simply sweet post! I've been thinking the same thing lately about my own hubs. It's so nice having a funny balance in a marriage and would be a serious pain if I was married to someone as uptight and serious as myself haha!

  4. Oh my gosh seriously Meg! If I was married to someone just like me I'd probably be a very unhappy girl!! Haha being married to my opposite brings out the best in both of us!

  5. Oh my... I think we married the same man! I think our husbands should be friends. Just sayin.

  6. Haha Steph you saint! I'm so happy to know that you and I share these qualities in our husbands! It's nice to not be alone! Haha they need to be friends!