Friday, November 30, 2012

Culinary School: Week 13

This week should be know as "burn out week" because that's what I am. I'm burnt out. Thanksgiving break did me a disservice I slept in and stayed up late and remembered what it was like to have a life. And it was nice. So nice. Then it ended. Abruptly. And I had to go back to harsh reality. Long days, zero time with my husband and the constant feel of flour under my fingernails. Husband tries to be encouraging and says things like "Only 3 more weeks, you can do it! " and all I want to do is slap him in the face. This busy schedule is catching up with me. Obviously. Getting to classes this week was like pulling out teeth. I had to come up with a reason why I had to be there every night. It was an internal debate on the way to class everyday. Monday was pretty easy convincing myself to show up to class because I knew we'd be making chocolate souffles. And oh, they were the most beautiful chocolate souffles I've ever laid taste buds eyes on. Tuesday, I had to turn in a research paper. Obviously a good reason to go. Wednesday, was breakfast cookery night. Stuffed french toast and crepes. Duh. And Thursday, all types of fresh pasta, and fillings. Fun. So although I wanted to come up with a reason to stay home every night this week I couldn't because it's culinary school. And every night of culinary school is worth going to. There's always something delicious to make, therefore something delicious to eat. And the possibility of being able to eat something delicious is always a good reason to go anywhere. Even school.


  1. I like you. I'm glad we're friends.

    Seriously though, you're rocking culinary school. The next two weeks will be better now that you're back in your routine. As a wise man once said, "Get 'er done." You too shall get 'er done.

  2. Hang in there! I'm in the middle of finals right now and I am definitely watching Vampire Diaries instead of writing my finals paper.

    So, that being said, let yourself take a few breaks :)

    I love you!! Keep up the amazing work!