Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Last weekend we decided to use our camping gear (for the first time...ever). We asked our friends Liz and Josh to join us for an adventure in Wyoming. We promised to bring the laughs if they promised to bring the s'mores. We both held up our ends of the bargain. 

On the way up we stopped at Rainey Creek Country store home of the famous square ice cream. Adam grew up going to Rainey Creek with his grandparents, and had fond memories of square ice cream cones. 

Mind = Blown! It really was square. 
After a long drive a hiccup with our original campsite and 3 miles of dirt road in a 
not-so-dirt-road-friendly-car we made it to a pretty little campsite with a stunning view of the Tetons. 

After we set up camp and ate dinner things got serious. I needed s'mores. 

So we built a fire and gorged ourselves on the gooeyness. 

The rest of the trip we spent eating yummy things, wandering around Jackson Hole, but most importantly laughing at inappropriate jokes mostly provided by the husbands.

Oh and yes we rafted the snake river. Wearing wet suits. We didn't die but we did swallow more river water than we'd like to admit. 

We had an awesome summer camping trip, thanks for joining us Horton's we can't wait till next time. 


  1. We had a SERIOUS blast. And you can bet I've been waiting two days for this blog post! Already counting down to next year (cuz this is totes an annual thing now right?)! We'll see you in hell.

    1. I am so jealous of your square ice cream! Camping with Liz and Amanda has to be an amazing experience.