Friday, July 5, 2013

Fourth Of July

 The fourth of July is up there when it comes to favorite holidays. Bar B Que, perfect weather, fireworks and my favorite people. I'm not sure it gets better. 
 My family picnicked at the eaglewood golf course with KFC (ha! 'merica) and watched a beautiful fireworks show. 

The next day we prepared the most delicious 4th of July spread! Mini pies, BBQ Coke ribs, grilled chicken corn, and a whole lot more. 

For the pies we made a chocolate cream, apple spice, peach crumble and strawberry. They were so fun to make and so, so cute. 

It was all crazy delicious! 

Of course as the sun went down we played with fireworks. 
(Maybe the 4th of July brings out the pyromaniac in me.) 

 Mom, sisters and sparklers
(sparklers have to be the best part of the holiday) 

It was a happy day. I am thankful for this country, and for our freedoms, and for the people that strive to preserve them. 

(These authentic reactions brought to you by our first aerial firework, haha classic)


  1. This day looks so fun and so delicious!

  2. You're pies are making my mouth water! I'm running to the nearest bakery right after work!