Friday, August 31, 2012

What I wore: Girls night

Floral Jeans: Ruche Chambray Top: Nordstrom Shoes: JMR Watch and Bracelet: Fossil

I love to shop. Cook and shop that's what I do. This is not a fashion blog, but it is a blog about my life and fashion is a part of my life, hence this post. Now onto the outfit. I love patterned jeans I'm a big, big fan. And am so glad that they're in style right now they add an extra "umpf" to an otherwise plain outfit. The big floral pattern is fun and I am hoping that I can get away with wearing it into the fall.

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  1. TOTALLY cute! Not mad about you sharing your cute clothes at all! You are working those jeans, I love it! I'm excited to see more of these posts!!