Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Pad

Crazy that we've been in our new place for over a month now, and I still haven't told the blog world about it! We are loving our new apartment and our new furniture (oh, hey we are adults - new furniture!!). These are the only pictures we have of our new casa but hopefully in the near future I'll share more. I love our bed spread from target and our attempt at a collage wall but can I just say was more or less a big hilarious joke. Seriously, Ikea why do your frames suck so bad? Collage wall = most frustrated I've ever been in my life. I also love our flatware patterned throw pillows (that Adam picked out, he has such good taste) and our cool antique globe. We are settling in nicely, and are so comfortable in our new home.

You should come for a visit!