Friday, August 31, 2012

Those times

It was sort of an awkward week, let us count the ways:
  • That time I was diligently flossing my teeth at my desk in the lobby when a large group of suit clad gentlemen walked through the sliding doors. Me in plain view.

  • That time a nice young fellow sat down at my table for lunch (obviously assuming I was single and ready to mingle) only for me to talk his ear off about Adam. ("Oh yeah my HUSBAND likes that band, my HUSBAND graduated from that department...etc, etc")

  • That time (or should I say those times...all those many times) I meant to say have a good/great day and it came out "have a grood one."

  • That time I was belting Adele in my car at a red light only to look over to find at a mesmerized group of young ladies. Five sets of judgemental eyes locked on me.

  • That time I nodded intently though an entire class.  

  • That time I legit cried at my desk when reading various birth stories on blogs this week (like this one are you kidding me? how sweet are they?) 

  • That time I yelled at the FASFA lady, via instant message. All caps folks, all caps.

Wish me better luck next week.


  1. It wouldn't be a successful first week if it hadn't been awkward! Love...well, I love all of these. Esepcially the "five sets of judgmental eyes" and "grood." "Grool!...I meant to say cool, and then I started to say great." "Well, grool."

    Love it! You should do one of these every week!

  2. I wont lie, I'm a sucker for birth stories too! I LOVE them!! and that one was amazing. I had to take a few breaks while reading it so I wouldn't cry at work! haha