Monday, April 22, 2013

A Few Updates

1. I'm still alive! Here I am! Breathing! Living!
2. Finals/Preparing for Europe was a bad idea - the timing?! What was I thinking??
3. It's finals week.
4. I leave for Europe on Saturday.
5. ^^^ Saturday!!!!!
6. Tonight is my mystery basket final. Real life chopped. Except I fail if I can't figure how how to properly pair candy hearts with leg of lamb and I don't win $10,000 if I pass.
7. ^^^ Please bless that I don't have to cook leg of lamb tonight.
8. One day last week I ate 4 Kneaders cookies. I'm feeling stressed. Don't judge.
9. Last weekend that sweet guy I'm married to whisked me away to the mountains for a little pre-anniversary celebration.
10. We ate brunch at Stein Eriksen's lodge.
11. ^^^ $$$$$ most expensive waffles I've ever eaten.
12. On our real anniversary (this Wednesday) I have mandatory kitchen deep cleaning at school. Boooo!!!
13. ^^^ :(
14. Adam got a new job!
15. He is the VP of Marketing - and oh man he is excited.
16. I'm proud of him.
17. To finish here's a cute picture of us:

18. Happy Monday!

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  1. Cute picture indeed. You are so great! Keep up on the old blog this summer even though you aren't in school!