Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Celebration

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. First of all there's the candy, which is arguably the best holiday candy of all (cadbury creme eggs...need I say more?). Then there's the egg hunt, the annual Easter dress, the strawberry shortcake, all wonderful aspects. But lastly (and most importantly) the meaning of Easter is so full of hope and love it's such a beautiful message, and one that is well worth a day of remembrance.
 We started off our Easter celebration with our annual midnight egg hunt. My mom and step dad hide glow stick stuffed eggs all over the yard, and then my siblings and husband and I are let loose to gather them up. Because there are no little kids around we have to get creative with the hunt to keep things interesting. This was my moms brilliant idea.

 On Easter morning we went to church as a family and came home to check out our overflowing Easter baskets.
 The best Easter gift was a ticket to see the stage production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at Hale Center Theater in Salt Lake City, with my mom and sisters.
(I can't wait!)
And of course there was the Easter dinner. My mom and I worked away in the kitchen preparing this fabulous chicken cordon bleu with roasted asparagus and wild rice pilaf. We also had a delicious berry and bleu cheese salad.
 We finished our meal with individual strawberry shortcakes. I made cinnamon and vanilla bean scones. They were basically the perfect place for a pile of sugary strawberries and a heap of sweetened whipped cream.

It was a wonderful Easter spent with people I love, eating good food and, remembering the sacrifice of our Savior.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter as well. 

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