Friday, January 18, 2013

Culinary School Week 17

This week in classes we continued to review things we learned last semester. In my cooking class we worked with salmon. I filleted a whole salmon and then worked on making 4oz portions, which is actually much harder than it sounds. The shiny salmon scales kept sticking to my hands and knifes, mostly it was annoying, but it was kind of awesome too (hello mermaid status!). In garde manger this week we covered salads and vinaigrette's, and served at a catering event. The catering events used to drive me crazy, and let's be honest they still kind of do, but it's great experience and I'm able to learn a lot of tricks of the trade while participating. And I get to laugh at all the old people who fall asleep at their tables. So yeah, I guess they're not too bad. Moving forward we are going into uncharted waters and experimenting with meats and cold sandwiches. Hooray for learning new things.   

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