Friday, January 25, 2013

Culinary School Week 18

This week we covered some fun things in my classes. In my hot foods class we learned about all things beef. I made a (really ugly) beef wellington with madera sauce and a grilled cilantro and lime marinated flank steak topped with fresh pico de gallo. The good news is that it all tasted great the bad news is that, that wellington was pretty hilariously ugly! But I'm learning! I would put a picture up but seriously, it was just too bad. My steak was great, perfectly cooked and had good flavor. In garde manger (cold foods) we covered sandwich preparations this week. I made a killer triple decker club sandwich with layer upon layer of bacon, cheesy, meaty goodness. We also made home made chips and a bunch of salads to go along with all the sandwiches. I really liked the Monte Cristo a guy in my class made it's like a ham and cheese and french toast mixed together. It was tasty. Overall another great week. Although I love all this cooking and learning these new techniques something has been confirmed to me this semester. It's that I am a baker. Not having a baking class this semester has been tragic hard, but I am grateful to be learning all the facets of this industry, from really talented people. Everything that we're covering in my classes is cool and I enjoy it but it's nothing like last semester when I remember being elated to go to class. On more than one occasion I couldn't sleep the night before class because I was so excited to go to school the next day (seriously!). However, I've still got so much to learn and am really going to try to enjoy this semester. I want to soak it all in because if anything I'll be able to make an amazing club sandwich, and that's something to be proud of.

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