Thursday, January 24, 2013

Just a thought

(Photo from the window of our M street apartment in Washington DC)
Last night I got home from school late. I was exhausted but instead of sleeping I started clicking through photos from the last couple years. It was so fun remembering those trips and cooking projects and party's and outing's from the past. I sat there remembering where we were in life and what we were doing where we were living and realized something. In almost all varying stages of life I've gone through in the last several years I remember (to a degree) wishing my time away. I remember wanting to move out of Provo and to Washington DC so badly. Then when I got to DC I remember wanting to move back so I could start school. Now (I hate to admit) I want to be out of school, living some place else working. I struggle with the whole "enjoy the ride" thing. I focus way to much on the beginnings and the endings of the chapters of my life making everything that happens in between get lost.
I'd like to make a change. This year I'll try harder to enjoy the present and worry less about the future. 

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  1. You and me both sister. But how are we expected to be "enjoying the moment" when the current moment does not involve Britney Spears having a resident show in Vegas? How I ask can I not wish my life away until that happens? Yeah.