Friday, January 4, 2013

Disney World Christmas Part 3: Hollywood Studios

Our day at Hollywood Studios was so fun - to be honest probably one of my favorite days. It's just low key and easy. We got to the park and rode a few rides, saw a few shows, watched dancing Christmas lights, and even drank some egg nog - it was a great day.

We had to do the obligatory jumping picture before entering the park, to show off our enthusiasm.

One of my favorite rides in all of Disney World is the Tower of Terror, it's a little different (and scarier) than the one in California and is always a lot of fun! 

Probably one of the coolest Christmas attractions in all of Disney World is the dancing lights on the streets of America in Hollywood Studios. This part of the park is home of buildings and streets that are modeled to look like those of major US cities, On one street you can see the empire state building in the distance and there are New York City news paper vendors along the sidewalks, another street is molded to look the one in San Francisco with the Golden Gate Bridge towering in the distance. During the Christmas season every building, street corner, roof top, doorway is completely covered in Christmas lights. But not just any old lights, these light dance and change color and shine with the beats of festive music that blasts through the streets. This is one of my most favorite Disney traditions.
Just before the sun sets "Santa Goofy" comes out to flip the switch that sets the streets a glow with lights. 
It's basically the coolest thing ever. 

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  1. How freaking cute! I love jumping pictures!!!