Monday, January 7, 2013

Disney World Christmas Part 4: Animal Kingdom

Our day at Animal Kingdom was so fun it rained that morning which made the air was thick with humidity. Which seemed appropriate because it frizzed my hair out to lion's mane status. Get it? Animal Kingdom? Lion's mane? Animal? Ha. I feel like Animal Kingdom doesn't always get the recognition it deserves. It's a way cool park! There are some awesome rides and it's usually less crowded than some of the other Disney World parks. 
And there are Mickey Premium bars a-plenty. So that's good.
Probably one of the biggest, and most popular attractions is the Kilimanjaro Safari Ride. It's pretty amazing - there are real live animals. My favorite animal that we saw were the hippos, I love hippos. I think they're neat! We also saw lions, zebras, crocodiles monkeys and many more.

We stopped for lunch at a yummy bar b que restaurant. Adam was critical but I thought it was great. My guy has been spoiled his whole life with real Kansas Bar B Que.
The center piece of the park is the amazing tree of life. Hundreds of different animals are carved all over the trunk, limbs and roots. It really is an amazing sight. 
All in all another fantastic day.


  1. Did you go on the abominable snowman ride?! That's my favorite of all time.

  2. Totez adorabz.

    But no really, you guys are great. LOVE your outfit and your lion mane!