Saturday, March 2, 2013

Culinary School Week 22

This week classes consisted of cheese and a practical exam. In Monday classes we made various kinds of fresh pasta and had a cheese tasting. The apple walnut smoked cheddar was fabulous, and I even tried Limburger (it really doesn't taste as bad as it smells). My classes later in the week were a bit more stressful, our midterm practical exam was crazy. I had 4 hours over the course of two classes (2 hours per class) to complete 2 rolls of sushi, 4 different types of hors d'oeuvres for 4 people for 1 hour, shrimp cocktail, 2 green salads with 2 different vinaigrettes, potato salad, cole slaw, a ruben sandwich, and scallop ceviche, I get tired even typing all that, let alone actually doing it. But, I did it. And now it's done and I can breath until the next one. To be honest I'm actually really amazed and impressed with what I've learned and what I am capable of. At one point or another during the high pressure exam I would take a step back and think "Wow, really? Did I really just make that? It tastes so good! And looks so professional." The good grades are nice but actually seeing improvement and watching my techniques become fine tuned is a pretty sweet experience.


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