Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Home

Sorry for the brief blogging hiatus. I feel like so much has happened in just a short amount of time. We are all moved in to our new apartment. Well, technically it's a house. It's the upstairs of a house. A darling 2 bedroom house in Orem, to be specific. I'm still getting used to living there. The creeks and beeps and squeaks are so unfamiliar, and I jump at everything. Hopefully soon that will  go away. It's weird I know it's ours and all of our things are there, but I still feels like we're having a sleep over at a strangers house. I love it though, I particularly love having a second bedroom, I love having a bath tub, I love the brick wall in my bedroom, it's just so charming, and comfortable. It's a sweet little place and I'm happy to call it home.


  1. that wall is to die for! love it! know what you mean about moving, it definitely takes a while to get used to everything. (: good luck!

  2. I can't wait to see!! It looks adorable!