Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend trip to California

 We returned home from our trip to California this afternoon. It was such a fun weekend spent with my family. We spent most of our time in Newport Beach exploring the sites and eating tasty food. We had breakfast one morning on the beach - it was wonderful. The beignets were my favorite!
 Later that day we rented beach cruisers and a big 4 man bike cart. It was mostly hilarious and only slightly dangerous. We had so much fun riding the boardwalk.

 We found the most adorable candy shop where we loaded up on salt water taffy, and gorged ourselves on random flavors (maple bacon taffy!?) of the chewy stuff for the remainder of the trip.

My cute mom and step dad Todd smiling on the beach.

We wandered around a cute seaside town,  and wished we never had to leave such a charming place.
 Spending a long weekend in California was just what the doctor ordered.
We're back to real life now - with a big week ahead of us, moving into a new apartment and participating in a cooking competition at school are two of the notable events coming up.
Really though I'd rather just go back to California.


  1. Balboa Island is my favorite!!! Agh so jealous! Looks like tons of fun. California is a winner.

  2. Looks like it was a delightful weekend. I freakin love california! I need to figure out a way to move there. Did you by chance find me a husband while you were there?

  3. Too cute sister sue!