Friday, March 8, 2013

Culinary School Week 23

This week we catered two events, which means I have very little to talk about. We prepped one day, served two days and made sausages on our day off. Sausage making was, ahem, interesting not the most appetizing of culinary procedures if you ask me...something to do with the meat grinder...and the just...I don't know...weirds me out. But the finished products were great and that's all that counts. We made spicy Italian sausage, chorizo, and a Swiss veal sausage, all were very tasty but I especially liked the Italian sausage, I think this weekend I'm going to make something delicious with it. Mmm pig. Other than that the semester is moving a long quickly. Before I know it, it will be the end of April and I'll be off to Europe!! Truth. I'm euro bound in a little more than a month - Adam is sending me on my merry way to meet up with my long lost Canadian Friend in Amsterdam.

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  1. Ok I don't think I could do the meat grinding thing! Yuck it grosses me out just thinking about it! Good for you for being able to do it! Ok also now I feel like I need to blog since you mentioned me...I haven't blogged in FOREVER!!! Instagram took over but I should. I will try.