Friday, October 12, 2012

Culinary School: Week 7

Classes this week were good overall. In pastry and baking we continued on with learning about sweet breads. We made cinnamon rolls, coffee rings, sticky buns and brioche. Brioche (pictured below) is a sweet bread from France made with a ton of butter and egg yolks, and then shaped into the cutest little form sprinkled with course sugar. The coffee ring (pictured below) was by far the yummiest thing we made this week, it was basically the same thing as the cinnamon rolls but for some reason pulling it apart made it more delicious. I can't wait to make it at home. The most difficult bread to make and shape and have turn out just right was definitely the brioche. I ended up having to make the dough twice because the final product the first time had a similar consistency to sand (ha), I think I over scaled the flour. Luckily my second try turned out better. The shaping is supposed to look like a little round ball on top of a small cushion. Notice how all my little round balls are lopsided. They should be right in the middle and should be perfectly round. It's a work in progress. :) In cooking skills this week we had our second practical. Roasting, frying, grilling and pan searing pieces of chicken were among the tasks to complete in under 3 hours. I was 2 for 4 because 2 of my leg/thigh pieces were still bloody. Whoops. However, I made a perfect bechamel and an almost perfect beurre blanc and that in and of itself deserves an award. And to top it off my knife cuts were muuuuch better than last time. Overall I feel like it went OK, I could have done a bit better but I'm happy with the overall results. I'm more happy that there are only two more practicals in that class. 
(I'm sharing two pictures this week, sue me)

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