Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Random Facts

I really like to make lists. It's sort of a compulsion. I would share my grocery list but that would be strange...right? Right. Here's a list about me! 

Fifteen fun facts about Amanda

1.       My favorite thing to wear is a dress
2.       Cookies are my favorite food
3.       I love the east coast. Like a lot.
4.       I have to check behind the shower curtain before I pee, to make sure there’s not anybody in there.
5.       I burn grilled cheese sandwiches every. single. time.
6.        My car is always a mess
7.       I hate the dimple in my chin
8.       I love string cheese
9.       My best friend (and husband) call me Mandersnatch (in reference to the Bandersnatch from a poem written by Lewis Carroll)
10.   I hate taking the tags off new clothes – I’m always afraid I might want to return something
11.   I really enjoy grocery shopping
12.   I have a big pet peeve with the way people eat/drink. If it’s too loud, too gulpy, if there’s heavy breathing after drinking, if the utensil hits the plate/bowl too much, etc. I’m extremely sensitive to strange eaters/drinkers.
13.    I love fake American Chinese food – Let’s talk about Panda Express?
14.   I have severe claustrophobia. No elevators, no underground parking garages, and I realllllly struggle traveling via metro, if I think hard enough about it even being in the car can be too much.
15.   I have an obsession with tiny baby things. Baby carrots, baby humans, baby pigs. 

1 comment:

  1. #4 totally.
    #9 holllllllerrrr! viva the adventures of mandersnatch and yiy!

    I like you.