Wednesday, October 31, 2012


 Halloween was such a fun day. Because it was a week day Adam and I both had to work. My company goes all out with pumpkin carving contests, caramel apples and costume contests which makes it a good place to be on Halloween. The theme this year was the zombie apocalypse so to fit with the theme, I dressed up as a zombie girl scout and handed out cookies. I got up early and my sister and I went to town on my make up making me look as zombie-ish as possible, who knew Elmer's glue and frosted flakes could look so gruesome. I even won a prize for a creepy costume! Adam and I finished off the day by eating waffles and watching a scary movie. It was a great day!
 Zombie beauty queen, zombie bride and zombie girl scout.
Hope you had a happy Halloween too!!

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  1. You know your zombie makeup is good when it literally makes you toss your (girl scout) cookies.